Copyright 2011-  Hands On Care Gambia-  Designed by Matt George - OTI Professional

Copyright Hands On Care Gambia - 2011 - Designed by Matt George - OTI Professional

Get Involved!

 The Spirit of volunteerism has been one of the factors sustaining the work of Hand on Care in various areas of service..


Home based care

This service is one of the exciting service areas of HOC. The combination of home carers, volunteers within the communities and the professional staff creates the multifaceted nature of the care that is given to patients in a familiar environment. This family-focused and patient-centered service gives you the chance to change lives as you intreract with patients and families.


Outreach Reproductive and child health clinic

Several hurdles are being overcome in delivery of health services by the outreach services. Mothers and children are seen at locations very near their homes.


Medical care

Doctors and nurses are being offered the opportunity to volunteer in giving service to patients with diverse medical conditions in a resource-constrained setting. This offers you a unique experience to be part of the work that is being done in HOC.


Palliative care

HOC is a pioneer in palliative care, bringing pain-relief to patients.Volunteers with experience in this field, as well as hospice-care, are needed to train staff for quality service delivery.


Other areas

There are opportunities to volunteer in the administration department to help in compiling reports and setting up a database for HOC to capture the various activities. The staff also need IT training to manage the database and also to produce quality reports.



The following items are always needed, especially as HOC is expanding services to new outreach stations, aiming to to bring health to the doorsteps of the people in line with government aspirations.


Medical Items

Blood-pressure machines,blood-glucose monitoring machines,thermometers, Infant weighing scales, portable ECG machines,haemoglobinometres and accessories,



Antibiotics both for adults and chilrdren, antihypertensives(captopril,nefidipine,etc), Diuretics(furosemide,spironolactone,etc), Antifungal(fluconazole nystatin etc),Antivviral(acyclovir tables and cream)

Antidiarrhoeals (Imodium).


Non Medical

Bed linens,, PVC covered mattresses, baby clothes,towels, disposable pampers for adults,machintosh



Hands On Care offers internship to medical students, house officers and other medical and nursing staff in the care and support of chronically ill patients and PLHIVS. Send your application to the following address: HOC EMAIL